CGS Civils Managing Director Chris Slade talks us through his experiences with Causeway Flow as Causeway’s solutions continue to facilitate the company’s growth and involvement in increasingly large projects.

As the organisation has grown and scaled its operations, Causeway solutions have remained at the front and centre of its capabilities. CGS Civil now uses the PDS Professional bundle with the recent addition of Flow+, which enables the organisation to model complex existing systems such as negative falls or backdrops, throttle pipes and bifurcations.

Speaking on his experiences with Flow, Chris said:

“We have been using Flow for the last 12 months and have seen a vast increase in productivity. The interface is very user-friendly and the ability to simultaneously view the network graphically and input data makes building a drainage network a seamless task.
"Editing the model is also very straightforward, with the long section and drainage plan updating whilst you modify the network in real-time. This allows us to review the changes we have made, free up further time, and reduce the risk of making any errors. The 3D model is also a very neat addition, allowing a full 360 degree view of the network during its construction or during simulation, this allows us to see how the system functions during a specific storm event.“

Chris also shared this thoughts on the solution’s optimised workflow, which has allowed for significant time savings across projects and has contributed to successful submissions to Local Authorities:

“The generated calculation reports are also easy to understand and we have so far successfully submitted several to Local Authorities without any hassle or requests for further data.”
"The package really shines when modelling large networks. We recently carried out a design for a site of 200 units followed by a design for a new £30m bypass. These were completed in a quarter of the time it would have taken for other software on the market.”

With a growing number of engineering consultancy firms turning to Causeway’s next generation drainage design package, Chris’s comments reflect a consistent theme in the market. Today, specialist firms require equally specialised solutions with workflows and features that enable them to meet the demands of ambitious and challenging projects. Offering cost-effective drainage network design, state-of-the-art technology, and cloud licensing as standard, Causeway Flow is quickly becoming the package of choice for forward-thinking organisations.

“All in all we are very satisfied with the software. It is elegant and seamless to use and the support team is always on hand to help with any queries. Well done Causeway!”

For more information on the next-generation features of Causeway Flow, or to discover a whole new way to buy drainage design software, click here or get in touch with Tom Fox on (0)1628 552061. You can also download a full feature list here.

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