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CATO v.19.6

Latest Product Release v.19.6

All users are recommended to download to this version at the earliest opportunity

Download Here


  • New UI to select reports
    • Selection of reports by users has now been simplified so that they don’t have to use the report assembler if not modifying the reports
  • Improved excel output from CP
    • It is now possible to modify the excel output on a per level basis thus allowing a typical BQ style output to be achieved
  • Integration of Project Focal
    • Our Project Focal module can now be integrated with CATO to show analytics across projects
  • Latest revision of all Cost Planning projects now searchable
    • The benchmark feature of cost planning has been enhance to allow the latest revision of all projects to be searched even if not defined as searchable
  • Autosignpost steelwork in TOAB
    • When using the inbuilt steelweights table to obtain conversion factors, the steel section details are now added as a sidenote to the measurement
  • Dimsheet lookup in TOAB
    • A new lookup feature now exists that displays the level 5 description for all dim sheets in the active dimfile, selecting this level will navigate to the dimsheet containing it


  • Support for Revit 2019 format files
    • BIMMeasure now supports native 2019 format Revit files and associated 3D views
  • Caching of Rvt views
    • All 3D views are now cached on launch making subsequent opening of the view much faster

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